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I am an independent technology developer focused on sustainable solutions mostly in the agriculture and allied sectors. Over the past 4 years I have been studying, understanding and working towards improving millet cultivation practices, millet processing and cooking with millets. I try to share my learnings as much as possible and rarely do I pass up an opportunity to explore some interesting question in the areas of food, farming, sustainability or technology. Currently I am working on developing simple tools and machines to enable millet processing at a small scale with reduced drudgery and enhanced output. I work as a technical consultant with social enterprises and non profits on different aspects of the millet value chain. I am documenting and developing tutorials on millet processing and quality assessment with different organizations. I also work on popularizing and promoting millets by facilitating discussions, conducting workshops and giving talks on different aspects of millets from cultivation, through processing, preparation and up to consumption, in various fora. I earn my living doing these things. So I try to not get carried away by my passion for the cause and do bill organizations or individuals for my time. If you would like to host a talk, have me conduct a workshop or assist with a project on any of the above topics, please drop me an email ... dwiji@themillet.org To read more about me ... https://dwiddly.wordpress.com/about-author/

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